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Personal Roving Presence


Eric Paulos

John Canny


1994 - 2001

PRoP Video (Quicktime)

Video of PRoP 2 at Richmond Field Station (May) 

Images of PRoP2 at HCC (2 March)

Images from PRoP 2 in action

Images from PRoP 0 on Telegraph Avenue

Images from PRoP 0 in Crash Symposium

A recent visitor from Denmark uses PRoP 1

PRoPs are simple, inexpensive, internet-controlled, untethered tele-robots that strive to provide the sensation of tele-embodiment in a remote real space. The physical tele-robot provides video and audio links to the remote space as well as providing a visible, mobile entity with which other people can interact. PRoPs also enable their users to perform a wide gamut of human activities in the remote space, such as wandering around, conversing with people, hanging out, pointing, examining objects, reading, and making simple gestures.  The focus of this work is to identify and distill a small yet sufficient number of traits that are vital to human communication and interaction and to physically implement them on PRoPs.

This research is supported in part by the National Science Foundation under grant number: IIS-9978138


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