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A few press pieces from the PRoP Project


Envisioning Cyberspace:
Designing 3-D Electronic Space
, by Peter Anders, 1998

Robots, Androids, and Animatronsby John Iovine, 1998

Robo Sapiens: Evolution of a New Species by Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio, 2000

Articles / Radio / TV

March 2001  Net-Robotterne er over os by Sebastian Swiatecki (Denmark)

July 2000  UTILIZAÇÕES ARTÍSTICAS de Imagens em Directo na World Wide Web (Brazilian)

4 May 2000 ProP in Tomorrow’s World by on BBC, UK

16 Jan 2000 Fantastico (Brazilian Science TV show)

1 July 1999 Robotterne Kommer in  Ingeniøren | Net (Denmark) by Sebastian Swiatecki

?? 1999 The Globe and Mail

April 1999 “Non chiamatelo pallone gonfiato” in Focus Magazine (Italia) Image: (1)

March/April 1999 Be There Now: Telepresnce Art Online in FlashArt pp. 51-52 by David Pescovitz

Feb 1999 SVM by Emile Servan-Schreiber (French Science Magazine).  Images: (1) (2) (3)

Feb 1999 Internet News Italia

?? 1998 Beyond Computers (listen to mp3 file), NPR by John Rieger

23 June 1998 Virtual Slap: A Keynote Presentation in webreview.com by Adam Karrera

September 1998 That's Me in the Middle in New Scientist by Brandon Brown

July 1998 Report on Web 98 West: A Developer's Conference in Spectrum by Howard Dyckoff

July 1998 Java Goes To the Extreme in JavaWorld and IDG publication by Jill Steinberg

June 1998 Mosters, Spies, and Implants in Wired News by Judy DeMocker.

1997 ICRO Varig In-Flight Magazine

December 1997 "Leave Your Body Behind" in ID (International Design) Magazine (page 83) by David Pescovitz

December 1997 Tele-embodiment from Space Browsers to Surface Cruisers: An Interview with Eric Paulos in Fringecore Magazine / Beyond Transgression by Dee

3 December 1997 Interface in The London Times, UK by Nicholas Booth

3 December 1997 Child's Play to Fly your Own Blimp in The London Times, UK by Nicholas Booth

November 1997 "The Blimp Cam for Tele-embodiment: Mobot Avatars Bring Back Real World Images" in Advanced Imaging by Francis Hamit

19 September 1997 Le Ballon Webcam on Canal+ / Cyberflash

12 August 1997 Space Browser in Cyclus Magazine by Ruben Brave. 7 August 1997 Is It Real, or Is It Robotics? in Wired News by David Pescovitz

23 June 1997 Joysticks Jerk, Shake, Buzz - and Evolve in Wired by Bob Parks

4 May 1997 "Space Browser Cruises Campus" in The Washington Times

8 Apil 1997 "Talkative Space Browser Makes Telepresence Felt" in The Australian, Australia

April 1997 ComputerLife Magazine (Buzz Section)

23 March 1997 Floating robot that can "see' and "talk' in San Francisco Examiner

March 1997 Net Dutch Internet Magazine (cover)

? Janurary 1997 UC Berkeley Forefront Magazine

23 Janurary 1997 The Internet Caffe, PBS, TV

Janurary 1997 "Visionaries of the New Millennium", Java Monthly

28 December 1996 NextStep Television

December 1996 Being Dirigible in Wired Magazine 4.12 (p.278).

Noveber 1996 "????" Interview and Demo for Brazilian Technology show Scientia.

20 November 1996 Space Browser in WebMonkey on HotWired

? August 1996 Interview with Vladimir Muzhesky

? August 1996 Fox Television Network

6 August 1996 Inventor Floats Blimp as Video Link, The Times Picayune by Stewart Yerton (New Orleans during SIGGRAPH visit). Images: (1) (2) (3)

? August 1996 CNN Television Network

? July 1996 CyberLife Television Show on Discovery Channel

2 June 1996 Article in the leading Swiss Sunday Newspaper, SonntagsZeitung

26 May 1996 "Flying Video Phones Head for the Internet" in The Sunday Times (UK and Ireland) by Max Glaskin. (image)

"Blimp Cam: An idea that may be ready to take off" in Philadelphia Online Inquirer May 1996.

Mention in Wed Addict by Wes Thomas, 26 April 1996.

"Telerobotic Space Browsers Push Envelope Of Cyber Communication" in UC Engineering News by Tamar Laddy, 22 April 1996.

"Airship Online" article appears in Contra Costa Times by Katherine Edwards, 20 April 1996.  Images: (1) (2) (3)

"Above It All" in Los Angeles Times by David Pescovitz, 1 April 1996. (JPG 136 KB)" or

"Browse Real Space with the Web Blimp" in c|net by Michelle Hoffman, March 1996.

"I, Roboticist" in Spiv by David Pescovitz, January 1996.

Details Magazine, Futurama (Item 3: Wunderkids), "Net Worth: Charting the Internet's Class Structure", January 1996.

29 November 1995, KALX Radio. Discussion and interview of the SRL Crime Wave show on 26 November 1995.


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