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Visit from Denmark in Europe

Date: 30 September 2000
Time: 11:00 PST
From: Denmark

Who: Sebastian Swiatecki
Hardware: PRoP 1

Sabastian spend over an hour visiting our lab at UC Berkeley using the PRoP.  This was the first long range test run from Europe.  The video quality was usable and Sabastian was able to wander around our lab, meet and discuss research with several graduate students.  Later he walked outside the building and spoke to some newly admitted undergraduate students.  Finally, he came in the building and met Hanna Pasula.  Click on the images below for larger quality image.

dk_visit13.jpg (195837 bytes)

dk_visit06.jpg (177518 bytes)

dk_visit14.jpg (172839 bytes)

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dk_visit07.jpg (170449 bytes)

dk_visit08.jpg (176069 bytes)

dk_visit09.jpg (163054 bytes)
dk_visit10.jpg (264510 bytes)

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dk_visit01.jpg (166304 bytes)

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